Lucio Cathexis grew up in Gran Buenos Aires, where he did the primary and part of the secondary school. During the pre-adolescence he began to discover that his vocation and interest had to do with the artistic expressions. He decided to study in the Fernando Fader’s secondary school, where he could approach the art in an academic way, giving the bases to develop a self-taught form in the disciplines of drawing and painting. In 2016 he received the title of professor of visual arts in the Institute ISFA Manuel Belgrano, enabling him to teach in institutions of formal education as initial/primary/secondary school, Artistic Education, Special Education And Higher Education. During the academic career he experimented and expanded his artistic language in different disciplines such as painting, drawing, engraving and sculpture. He currently lives in the city of Berlin where he continues to explore and produce his works.

About his work

I investigate how we perceive reality, using geometric elements and its mirroring, I am looking to find the balance between different forms and what role does the human being play in the construction of realities and which forces lead us as humans beings. I try understand what lies behind in what we considerate real, reaching ideal archetypes of opposites and combine themselves into two essential extremes: order and chaos -, positive and negative, dark and light – rational and irrational – geometry and organic and so on.

The mirroring of simple geometric structures creates opposites forces, and that duality is what I’m currently working on; The goal of my works is to reach ideal archetypes of opposites and combine in themselves two essential extremes of tension in order to experience unification with these two different forces of reality and transform it into an expression of unity, trying to expose the different layers that construct our reality.