Lucio Cathexis is the artistic name of Lucio Fernandez, born in November 28th, 1990 in the city of Buenos Aires. He grew up in Gran Buenos Aires, where he did the primary and part of the secondary school. During the pre-adolescence he began to discover that his vocation and interest had to do with the artistic expressions. He decided to study in the Fernando Fader’s secondary school, where he could approach the art in an academic way, giving the bases to develop a self-taught form in the disciplines of drawing and painting. In 2016 he received the title of professor of visual arts in the Institute ISFA Manuel Belgrano, enabling him to teach in institutions of formal education as initial/primary/secondary school, Artistic Education, Special Education And Higher Education. During the academic career he experimented and expanded his artistic language in different disciplines such as painting, drawing, engraving and sculpture. He currently lives in the city of Berlin where he continues to explore and produce his works.

About his work

The pictorial work in which he works is born in the unconscious. There’s no starting point, just faces of people who only exist in spaces without references, allegories or symbols. Different levels of their own identity cross the protagonists in Cathexis’ works, exposing the harrowing and fragile humanity represented in the intimidating, and in some cases, indifferent gazes.

Silent faces gesticulate words in situations that we will never know, but that we can intuit from our own experience. As if we were accomplices of that situation, we can see ourselves projected in that mirror image. The work talks about the annoyance of contemporaneity where the subject strips himself his humanity, throwing himself into conformism. They reflect the resigned-discomfort of suffering the weight of their own alienation.